Telling Time


Clock quiet book page.  Learn to tell time. Busy book ideas from

To make the face of the clock I flipped a bowl upside down and traced the circumference to get a nice circle shape.  The face is made of felt.  I experimented with sewing the numbers on by doing a tight zig-zag stitch.  This was on my old sewing machine and there are several places where the bobbin thread came up and showed on top, plus it wasn’t the easiest thing doing all these numbers freehand.  It works, but I’m not overly impressed with how it turned out and how much time it took.  If I had to do it over, I would consider getting the pre-cut felt numbers I’ve seen for sale.  The center of the clock is a sparkly button that my toddler likes to look at.  It’s one of the buttons that doesn’t have button holes that show, but there is a sort of stem below the button with a hole in it.  I poked a tiny hole through each of the felt hands of the clock and put the button stem through there, then sewed the button to the page.  The hands spin freely around the stem of the button.  My toddler is not telling time yet, but certainly has fun with number recognition, counting around the circle, spinning the hands, and looking at the button of course!  Plus, we’re prepared for the future when it’s time to learn how to tell time.