Once upon a time there was an antique dresser filled with scrap fabric.  It was my treasure box.  I still remember the smell of the antique wood mingling with the different fabrics, and the thrill that came over me whenever I dug through its drawers.  Sometimes a particular piece of fabric filled me with inspiration as it begged to be used.  Other times the inspiration was already present and I searched for the perfect piece of fabric to bring my idea to fruition.  Sewing, crafting, and creating have been a natural part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Choosing fabric for a project still gives me that same thrill it did when I was just a girl, but now it is my two precious little ones who are a source of inspiration.  Can I make a better cloth diaper? a more absorbent bib? a more durable (but still soft) baby blanket?  I want them to have toys that encourage their imaginations.  I want them to have toys that teach and give them practice learning new skills.  I want them to have toys that they love to play with again and again.  I want to make things that will light their faces up with joyous smiles as they play…and then after making something and seeing how much my own family enjoys it, I want to share it.