Origami-like fabric toy that easily snaps to transform into different animals.  Great for encouraging creativity and using your imagination.  Fun toy for kids of all ages.  Toddlers love snapping things and this helps develop their dexterity and fine motor skills as they practice snapping.  Toddlers may not be able to create the animals themselves, but they certainly enjoy playing with the finished animal toy.  Older kids enjoy figuring out how to snap and create animals themselves.  This versatile toy can be folded and snapped to create multiple animals.  Instructions for snapping into a fox, seahorse, horse/llama/zebra, elephant, pig, teddy bear, lobster, turtle, and duck are here: snapazoo instructions




Quiet Book — Quiet books (or busy books) are easy to make and a great way to both teach and quietly entertain a little one.  More details here: quiet book pages