This was the first page I made.  It’s not my favorite, but my toddler likes moving the beads and counting and that’s what matters.  I wanted to have the numbers corresponding with the number of beads on each ribbon.  I experimented sewing the numbers freehand on my sewing machine.  It took a lot of time to do it this way and the bobbin thread came through for several numbers so I’d consider buying pre-cut felt numbers if I ever made a page like this again.

Abacus quiet book page for numbers recognition and learning to count.  Busy book ideas at RoseBottomDiapers.com  You can sew the ribbons in place directly on the fabric then cover it with the felt so you won’t see the stitching.  I wanted to give the ribbons extra security in case an over zealous toddler yanked on the ribbon.  When I sewed this, I had the ends of the ribbon stick out on the outside edges of the brown border.  This way each ribbon got two rows of stitching through it.  Once the felt is sewn on it’s easy to lift the felt edge and trim the ribbon close to the seam so it doesn’t stick out on the finished book.