pajama requirements for memory animals

Each stuffed animal has the minimum amount of pajama fabric needed.  However, some pairs of pajamas will not yield the same amount of usable fabric.  Extra pajamas will need to be sent if your pajamas:

1) have a directional print (Even though the animals go up and down on this fabric certain areas may need to be cut in a less efficient way to make the primary animals right side up.  A second pair of pajamas will need to be sent as back up in case there is not enough fabric on the directional pair, but the second pair may not end up being used.)


2) have added embellishments

a small one on the chest is okay


Embellishments like these require an extra pair of pajamas to be sent.


IMG_4434Even though the decorative flowers across the chest are small, they cover a large area and I would need a second pair of pajamas sent.

Big embellishments like this one across the bum require an extra pair of pajamas to be sent.


I like to incorporate the special embellishments into the stuffed animals, but in order to do so I need to cut the fabric differently (in a less efficient way) which is why the extra pajamas need to be sent.  Here is an example of a bear I made out of two pairs of pajamas and incorporating the chest ruffle.IMG_4307bIMG_4305